Driver's License Loan
Guaranteed multilingual support
Japanese, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, etc

The EPOS Card Driver's License Loan with GTN Guarantor Service is
a reliable way for foreigners to get their driver's license in Japan!

Key Points
Multilingual Support
"We provide reliable support in multiple languages to help you obtain your license.
Japanese, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, etc."
No guarantor or deposit required
No guarantor or deposit is required with the GTN guarantor service.
Up to 36 Installments
You can choose your repayment method from one to 36 installments.
Accepting International Students
You can obtain a license while attending a school.

Cautions for EPOS Card Driver's License Loan with GTN Guarantor Service

  • *You must have a residence card to apply.
  • *Minors (under 18 years old) are not eligible to apply.
  • *If you already have an EPOS card, you cannot apply for this service.
  • *We will contact your family and emergency contacts in Japan to confirm your application.
  • *You may be asked to submit payslips or other documents as required for screening.
  • *Customers may not be able to use this service depending on the screening results.
Monthly Payment

Ex: If your course starts on July 1st, repayments will start on August 27th

  • *Payments will begin the month following the month of enrollment.
    However, depending on the payment date, it may start from the month of enrollment.
  • *The above is an example of payment. The total amount will vary depending on the date of enrollment and the starting date of payment.
  • *The number of installments is 1 to 36 (over 1 to 36 months), and the service fee rate is 13.2% per annum (no service fee for one-time payment).
  • *This service may not be available in some cases according to our regulations.
For More Details or To Apply,
Contact the Driving School!